The Compassionate Touch

Thanks to its delicate touch, CranioSacrale Therapy is an effective treatment for everyone and is also suitable for pregnant and newborn babies.

It is based on the compassionate touch, a sweet touch not heavier than a coin of 1 euro, can be combined with techniques of visceral fascial mobilization and somato emotional release.

It helps balance, harmonize and re-align the body’s structures and restore its natural vitality.

It is supported for example under the following conditions:


[fa icon = “fa-check”] colic

[fa icon = “fa-check”] reflux

[fa icon = “fa-check”] constipation

[fa icon = “fa-check”] difficulty in feeding

[fa icon = “fa-check”] difficulty sleeping



[fa icon = “fa-check”] elasticity recovery after falls and / or accidents.

[fa icon = “fa-check”] convalescence from colds and persistent infections

[fa icon = “fa-check”] rebalancing the relationship with emotion

[fa icon = “fa-check”] sleep and nightmares

[fa icon = “fa-check”] support in learning problems


[fa icon = “fa-check”] constipation

[fa icon = “fa-check”] sciatalgie and lombaligie

[fa icon = “fa-check”] strong headaches

[fa icon = “fa-check”] post-delivery recovery

[fa icon = “fa-check”] support for proper fetal placement and natural delivery


[fa icon = “fa-check”] Activates body resources and increases energy quality

[fa icon = “fa-check”] Strengthens the immune system, improves well-being and vitality

[fa icon = “fa-check”] Reduces stress and creates a sense of deep relaxation

[fa icon = “fa-check”] Useful and supportive in emotional difficulty states such as stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, insomnia

[fa icon = “fa-check”] Improves flexibility, strength and fascial and articulation mobility

[fa icon = “fa-check”] Improves the quality of life in general

[fa icon = “fa-check”] premature support

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