Vivi in armonia! Mantieni corpo e mente, sani e flessibili

STRESS & CranioSacral

Every time that our body lives a stress (on average every person faces once important a week!), all the body responds to make it as tolerable as possible for the distribution of energy (creating, thus, a balance compensation).
In response to physical trauma such as shock or emotional stress, the body’s tissues contract . Sometimes, particularly when the shock is strong or occurs in a particular stressful situation, the tissues remaining contracts. Many emotions, for example, are reflected on the muscles and posture: we need to control our emotions (which leads to strongly tighten the jaws or buttocks, or shaking fists)
Every stress, every tension, every effort is recorded from the body and decreases his functionality, in this wayit can begin a series of problems that develop later in life. The effects can be physical (back pain, headaches, digestive problems) and emotional (anxiety, depression, etc..).
The restrictions in the functioning of the body, show it through the cranio-sacral rhythm. Facilitators are prepared to feel and recognize these subtle movements of the human body and identify areas where the possible cause of the problem is coming from.
For all of us relieve stress and increase the level of vitality and well-being is a possibility that we can’t miss.
When the body is released, it finds its own solution to its problems.

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