Vivi in armonia! Mantieni corpo e mente, sani e flessibili

Private individual session or group class based on your specific needs.

The goal is to help you to achive your best health, release stress and increase the strenght and armony in the body and mind.

Thanks to my experience and knowledge, also  as a therapist, I can bring you on this journey!

Hatha yoga: the right effort for life. Yoga is an ancient discipline that combine positions (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama)  to help us to discover our strength.

According to some interpretations the word Hatha derives from the union of Ha - Sun and Tha - Moon, which would symbolize the need to unite the polarities to transcend them in the One.

We remind you that constant practice is necessary to really get the benefits from Hatha Yoga. The ideal is to enroll in a Hatha Yoga course with lessons to be followed once or twice a week.

The benefits of Hatha Yoga involve our psycho-physical health.

Thanks to the practice our body becomes more flexible, the muscles and joints lose the stiffness caused by a life too sedentary while the bones are regenerated thanks to the movement. It strengthens the abdominals that support our back and invigorates the pelvic floor.

The constant practice of asanas makes the body more elastic and invigorating the muscles thanks to fluid exercises.

Non-judgment si the base of yoga. In practice we learn the ability to abandon ourself to the flow of the practice while our mind is vigil and relax.

The breathing exercises of Hatha Yoga turn us to inhale and exhale with more tranquility and capacity. When the breath slows down, the mind is calm and it is this one of the beneficial effects of Hatha Yoga that most amazes those who approach the practice.

Improves posture, it can be helpful to relieve pain.

Improves flexibility, muscle strenght and  balance.

The practice of Yoga becomes a style of life, and not only when we are on the mat but above all in the actions of everyday life. The goal is to reach a calm, fluid mind without judgment and, at the same time, are the necessary strength to continue to seek and achieve goals while we are immersed in everyday life.

Private class available by appointment in Como Lake city and area
Gruop class:
Tuesday 18.15 @ Chicco village, Grandate
Thursday 9.30/11.00 @ Centro Como, via Anzani 24, Como
Thursday 20.00/21.30 @ Centro Como, via Anzani 24, Como

Stefania Olis Grappeggia_ Hatha Yoga