Naturopathy and craniosacral are beneficial to all infants, including those from trouble-free births.
Early evaluation and treatment can resolve problems immediately and prevent unnecessary stress on the
mother and baby.

Help to cope with:




Difficulty in feeding

Difficulty sleeping

Premature support


Cranio-Sacral Terapy and Naturopathy are beneficial to all infants, including those who did not have any birth problems. A Craniosacral Treatment can solve or prevent unnecessary stress for mom and baby.

The birth process can be so difficult and demanding for the baby as it is for the mother.
During childbirth, the child must find his way to the outside world.
Systematic assessment of newborns often reveals and allows the release of restrictions that, if they remain, would lead to chronic difficulties for growth.

Even in natural birth without problems, the infant is subjected to compression forces when passing through the canal in childbirth. Skull sutures naturally overlap to reduce the size of the head and facilitate its outbreak, usually the bones of the head and face resemble the days after childbirth through yawning, breastfeeding and tears.

This process plays an important role in the development and functions of the nervous system.