Thanks to its gentleness and effectiveness, many people include CST treatments as part of their personal wellness program and combine test EAV with naturopathic counseling to enhance their effect.

None is a secret that among the keys to good health there is nutrition, exercise, stress-free life (to the extent this is possible) and the control of harmful habits. CST and NAT address this aspect
of health that arises from within our self-healing system.
We recommend self-enhancing tools that further support the process and help the clients to engage and take the power for their own healing and well-being process.

It activates body resources and increases energy quality

Strengthens the immune system, improves well-being and vitality

It reduces stress and creates a sense of deep relaxation

Improve eating habits

Useful and supportive in emotional difficulties such as stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, insomnia

Improves flexibility, strength and fascial and articular mobility

It improves the quality of life in general