CST helps the mother's body expect to adapt to accommodate the child's growth and development. NAT supports mother with herbal remedies and nutrition to support the transformation.

Useful and supportive in case of:


Sciatalgia and back pain



Post-part recovery

Support for proper fetal positioning and a natural birth


The expectant mother can experience relieving stress during pregnancy. The body of the expectant
mother is helped to adapt to accommodating the child's growth and development. While the baby grows
he can rest in a position that causes pain in the lower chest or sciatica.Craniosacral helps
especially in the following months, where it may be difficult to find a comfortable place to sleep.
Shoots or strains, especially in the pelvic area, can affect the mother's nervous system and may
contribute to pain, sinusitis, fatigue or low energy / mood.

CST and NAT help prepare mother and baby for birth, providing better room for the baby and flexibility
in the body of the mother. It also improves the circulation of blood and lymph, promoting relaxation
and well-being to the expectant mother and therefore indirectly to the newborn.

Following treatment, mothers have a feeling of "more space" and thus have a better room for the baby
to move and grow. CST treatment helps both mother and child to bind, relax, and be more comfortable.