Therapeutic technique in the field of sports massage and wellness and, upon specific medical prescription, in
the therapeutic field.

It is the therapeutic massage of the muscles and fascia, connective tissue, and the main conditions of application are:

  • Muscle-fascial pain: low back pain, neck pain, plantar fasciitis, epicondylitis, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, shoulder pain.
  • Contractures, falls, whiplash, incorrect movements, incorrect postures …
  • Physical stress, prolonged stress disorder
  • well-being: supports and promotes the physical-psychic-emotional balance)

THERAPEUTIC decontracting massage

The decontracting massage is a massage that, as the name suggests, has the function and purpose of decontracting, that is to dissolve the muscle contractures that often arise, perhaps as a result of efforts and incorrect movements. It is a rather intense massage, based on deep pressures, which aim to stimulate the deep tissues to release the suffering muscles, so as to free them, dissolve the contracture that afflicts them, and restore them to their original harmonious state.

MYO-RELAXING myofascial massage

It is a manual therapy technique that does not work on the muscles, but between the muscles (i.e. on the fascia that covers them). The method used for this neuromuscular massage works precisely on this large elastic tissue while acting on the muscular and nervous front. The pressure exerted by the masseur is strong and energetic, aimed at the affected muscle groups, making the muscles more elastic and lively and reactivating their functions. The massage therefore carries out a targeted action on the interstitial fluid, the lubricant of the muscles and therefore increases the fluidity of movement. It therefore acts by freeing the part of connective tissue (fascia) that covers the muscle from tensions, stagnation and stasis, ensuring that the muscle flows freely in its retaining sheath

SWEDISH MASSAGE of well-being

Swedish massage is the root of modern Western massage and the starting point for all the techniques derived from it. The movements that the masseur performs are as follows: light and deep brushing, friction, superficial and deep kneading, drumming, vibration and traction. The Swedish massage is a particularly complete massage, which is well developed according to the needs of the people involved and the effects are: general relaxation, reduction of muscle stiffness, improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation. After a nice massage, you feel full of energy and invigorated. Swedish massage is anti-stress, anti-water retention, firms and tones the whole organism!

SPORTS MASSAGE pre-race, post-race, maintenance

The Sports Massage is indicated for athletes and physically active people who intend to keep the body healthy, accelerate the cool-down process after exertion or want to intervene on muscles or tendons. It can be received before a competition, as preparation, during competition breaks or after, to relieve fatigue.


The maneuvers are very delicate, because this technique, which are finer than the blood vessels. The main movements with which to perform this massage are made up of circles made with the fingers to move the lymph, pressures of the thumbs and use of overlapping hands, so that one face as a guide while the other presses. The direction in which the massage is carried out is that of the so-called lymph stations: armpits, groin, base of the neck.

Each treatment promotes well-being and health, prevention is better than cure.

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