Low back pain, more commonly called “back pain”, is a disorder that involves the muscles and bones of the back. Almost everyone, at least once in our life, we suffer from it, it is one of the most common ailments of the population.
Although the pain is similar, low back pain is only a symptom whose causes can be multiple.
It is important to evaluate the possible cause with the treating doctor and, in case of muscle-fascial problems, receive the necessary treatments to resolve it.
Pain should never be underestimated, even if the body adapts, because, if neglected, it can change from a temporary to a chronic.

In our society where most people do sedentary jobs, perhaps sitting at a desk for many hours a day, it is easy to end up in the circle of pain.

The most frequent causes of low back pain are:

Incorrect posture Often we tend to keep the spine curved (eg in front of the PC), causing excessive tension and strain;
Breathing difficulties: high and fast breathing, limited diaphragm movement;
Vertebral disc problems: arthritis, disc herniation, disc degeneration;
Sudden wrong movements, trauma, whiplash;
Intestinal slowdowns;
Psychological stress …

Massotherapy massages, in particular therapeutic and fascial massage, combined with exercises to improve posture and strengthen the core, create significant benefits in case of low back pain.


Improve vertebral function
Improves fascial mobility
Releases contractures and tones tissues
Re-educate your posture both at work and at home


Create good functional training
Maintains a good physical condition, for preventive purposes, independently

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