“Thanks a lot, I’m … well we are much better. I can walk without pain, my baby has more space and I’m much more relaxed “(Francesca)


Craniosacral Teraphy helps mom and baby to connect, relax and improve their well-being.

Craniosacral Teraphy helps bring mother through a pregnancy as comfortable as possible, creating at the same time a great environment for the fetus and providing the best conditions for easier and natural breastfeeding.

The body changes rapidly in these months and the tissues has to adapt to new positions and sizes, sometimes causing pelvic pain or back pain.

Tensions, especially in the pelvic area, may affect the mother’s nervous system and may cause pain, such as: pain, sinusitis, fatigue, decreased energy, mood swings.

By helping tissues to remain soft and adapt to change, Craniosacral Teraphy is useful for mothers’ well-being and for proper fetal position during pregnancy and childbirth.


Mothers can benefit from Craniosacral therapy because their body has come up to a traumatic and intense process and at the same time experience a very strong emotional experience, one of the most important of all.

The Craniosacral therapy helps to release tension that results from the intense effort of giving birth and relieves the feeling of fatigue.

Helping and supporting the body’s return to normality, Craniosacral therapy also facilitates the softening of the scar tissue in case of caesarean section.

You deserve a relaxing moment, dedicated only to you !

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