Somato Emotional Release

Treatment that brings the release of compressed emotional energy and localized in body aids
which manifests itself as disharmony. Through the emotional somato release the person gives voice to his feelings, images, thoughts, a light path that leads to his own reinterpretation experience in evolving key to integrate and promote harmony of compressed emotional states in order to release tension from the body.

From an emotional point of view, the trauma causes a release of chemicals and hormones in the system to help the body cope with the initial emergency. Sometimes the body continues this pattern causing long-term anxiety, irritation and constant stress.
Dr. John Upledger, the osteopathic physician who has developed craniosacral therapy, called the relaxed release of this voltage:Somate Emotional Release
Scientific studies carried out in different countries have shown that every emotion that the human being feel, corresponds to a precise protein sequence that is produced by body cells afterwards
inputs that arrive and leave from neuronal cells.
If an emotion is “negative” (anger, fear, etc …), the body tends to retain proteins and deposit them in specific tissues.

If the stimulus is repeated frequently, it may become toxic.

Conversely, if the emotion is “positive” the body tends to circulate proteins at the systemic level, with no risk of intoxication or related dysfunctions.

There are manys books that illustrate these mechanisms.
For example:
Dr. Bruce Lipton’s “Biology of belief”
“Molecules of Emotions” Dr. Candace Pert

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