Neck pain is one of the most common disorders in the Western world: it is a musculoskeletal pain of the cervical spine.
It is estimated that it mainly affects women and represents one of the most widespread causes of disability in the world. The pain causes stiffening of the neck and a sharp decrease in the ability to move. It also tends to radiate to the shoulders and arms, and to be accompanied by other symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, nausea and sensory disturbances (sight and hearing).

It can be caused by various factors such as

stress, as it promotes neck and shoulder contracture
anxiety, breathlessness and contracture
cold strokes or excessive humidity
poor physical exercise – sedentary lifestyle
incorrect postures both during daytime activities (pc, desk ..) and during rest
trauma from motor vehicle accidents (whiplash)
injuries resulting from sports activity.

Once the doctor has identified the causes and symptoms, it is very important to set up an adequate treatment and facilitate the disappearance of the disorder.

The massage therapist carries out the evaluation, after medical prescription, and chooses the most suitable manual treatments to favor the resolution of the contracture. At the same time, a schedule of targeted exercises is created to be done independently to maintain the results obtained even at home and prevent a possible return. Even headaches, if closely related to neck pain, tend to disappear with treatments and increase well-being.


They improve the quality of sleep: the reduction of pain, favors the reconciliation of sleep
They improve blood circulation: the massage helps to restore the correct vascularization and the correct blood flow in the affected area
They dissolve muscle contractures and eliminate adhesions
They improve the muscle state: with the manipulation the muscle pain vanishes, the tissues re-oxygenate and the muscles regain tone

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