Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy yoga gently accompanies the woman along the special path of becoming a mother. It is indicated from the fourth month and can be practiced up to the weeks preceding the birth.

No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, prenatal yoga is for everyone and it is easy to learn.

During the class you can enjoy a safe environment  where you can explore her feelings and adapt to changes the body as they occur.

Yoga postures are combined with simple movements and breathing practices, helping the body’s tissues to stay soft in order to provide more space for the baby and reduce many hassles during pregnancy.

The Benefits of Prenatl Yoga :

It promotes the general health of the mother and child and reduces the symptoms that may accompany pregnancy such as fatigue, lumbar pain, nausea, constipation, fatigue and headaches.

Increases the flexibility and mobility that allow you to maintain a correct posture and a good physical balance even when the volume of the belly increases.

Helps to gain confidence for birth by increasing strength, flexibility and muscular endurance for labor and delivery.

It activates the blood and lymphatic circulation, thus helping to reduce the swelling and heaviness in the legs.

Promote emotional balance: calm the mind and emotions. Thanks to the practice of breathing you can learn to relax and breathe with awareness, pay more attention to the signals sent by your body and you will better enter into connection with yourself and with your child.

Make a nice connection with your child.

Mom and baby are fed and start to create a special bond that will last a lifetime.

Tuesday h. 5.00pm @ Chicco Village, via Tornese 10, Grandate

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