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Skilled and gentle touches

Years ago, I suffered from the same back problems that I help resolve today. So, I know firsthand what it’s like to experience that frustrating muscle tension. It was my complete recovery that led me to choose this line of work. The person who comes to my studio has their own personal story and specific goals to achieve, just as I did. My job is not to offer yet another standardized massage remedy. Instead, it involves conducting a comprehensive empathic and physical evaluation with active listening to the individual. Based on this evaluation, I determine which techniques will be most beneficial to combine in order to achieve and maintain the desired positive outcomes.

Stefania Grappeggia Trattamento Massoterapia a como
Stefania Grappeggia massaggio olistico personalizzato a como

How the Treatment Works

The therapeutic treatment with the Olis Method by Stefania Grappeggia is a personalized holistic massage capable of helping to release muscle tension and restore relaxation throughout the body.

Stefania Grappeggia Trattamenti
Stefania Grappeggia Trattamenti
Stefania Grappeggia Trattamenti
Stefania Grappeggia Trattamenti
Stefania Grappeggia Trattamenti
Stefania Grappeggia Trattamenti
Stefania Grappeggia Trattamenti
Stefania Grappeggia Trattamenti
Stefania Grappeggia Trattamenti

“A precise touch: the hands move knowing exactly where to go and when to go deeply, providing immediate relief. The powerful and gentle touch frees what is contracted, dissolves tension. The liberated body feels lighter and regains its vigor. It rebalances and harmonizes.”LUISA

The specialty of Olis Massage lies in the richness of the treatment.
In fact, this decontracting and invigorating massage benefits from the synergistic action of three powerful treatments:

  • Massage Therapy: which helps to release muscle tension.
  • Craniosacral Technique: which helps to rebalance the nervous system.
  • Somato Emotional Release Technique: which helps to release emotional blocks.

These treatments are “blended” during the massage according to the individual’s specific issues and respecting their unique characteristics.

This is because not all muscle tension or blocks originate from the same cause. Each of us is a unique individual, and it would be unthinkable to propose the same treatment to everyone.

And it is in this sense that Stefania Grappeggia’s Olis Method finds space and value.

Stefania Grappeggia massoterapia a como
Stefania Grappeggia massoterapia a como


“Cranio-sacral therapy was a discovery that changed how I deal with migraines and back pain, allowing me to reduce the use of painkillers. Moreover, after each session, the feeling of well-being is immediate and perceptible throughout my body, even emotionally. Stefania’s gentleness makes each session a moment of deep relaxation and reconnection, and her advice for a holistic approach to various disorders is always valuable and precious.”


“Cranio-sacral treatments are a ritual I wouldn’t give up; they are a real remedy for me! These massages are a moment of relaxation and release of tensions both physically and mentally. Stefania quickly understands what I need and truly helps me rebalance mind and body. They may seem like gentle massages due to the very light touch, but the results are impactful because when I return home, I feel much less stiff and relaxed. During moments of anxiety and strong stress, I understand how crucial these sessions are. In short… I absolutely recommend cranio-sacral treatments with Stefania!”


For example,

For example, when the body experiences muscle tension due to incorrect posture, sudden movements, or accumulated stress, it’s necessary to work deeply on the musculature to release these tensions and restore openness and flexibility to the body.

And this is where massage therapy becomes the best choice!

Because thanks to this therapeutic massage technique, the contracted muscles are deeply released, allowing them to regain the proper space. When there is an imbalance in the nervous system, such as sleep problems, prolonged stress, or constant fatigue, it’s important to promote nervous system rebalancing with gentle touches of craniosacral therapy.

Massoterapia a como
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Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a physiological system of the body intimately connected with the central and peripheral nervous systems. By promoting a good quality of this system, along with symmetry and rhythm, it supports the rebalancing of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

As you just read, sometimes the need for one treatment over another is clear, while other times it’s necessary to blend both in the same treatment to promote complete resolution.

For example, even a simple headache can have various nuances. Generally, it involves a combination of physical tension and nervous tension. Physically, repeated incorrect posture can tense the muscles of the shoulders and neck, leading to pain. Simultaneously, these tensions compress the occipital foramen, through which the 12 cranial nerves emerge. If compressed, these nerves can alter their functionality, causing, for instance, eye pain (optic nerve), jaw pain (trigeminal nerve), and digestive issues (vagus nerve).

In this case, for example, to address the “headache,” it will be necessary to work with both techniques. If the tension also has an emotional component (e.g., feeling pressured), it will be necessary to integrate somato-emotional release techniques to address and resolve that aspect as well.

Stefania Grappeggia Trattamento Massoterapia a como

Types of Treatment

Massage Therapy

  • Massage Therapy is a rehabilitative and preventive healthcare technique that primarily involves the application of massages to any human body suffering from pathology.
  • Massages are administered for therapeutic, sports, and relaxation purposes.
  • The main objective is to alleviate discomfort in various parts of the body caused by various factors such as trauma, poor posture, and stress, among others.
  • It is a powerful tool benefiting the psychophysiological complex.

Fun fact: the brain is closely embryologically connected to the skin (both derived from the same embryonic layer); therefore, when we massage the skin, we are, in a sense, also massaging the mind and the nervous system!

Stefania Grappeggia massoterapia a como
Stefania Grappeggia Craniosacrale

Craniosacral and Somato Emotional Release (SER)

  • It helps to promote the activation of the body’s self-correcting mechanism, giving it the power of change.
  • The treatment is not purely biomechanical, but also includes the aspect of emotional components.
  • SER® is based on the concept that in a physical, pathological dysfunction, the cause of the dysfunction itself may be attributable to emotional components held within the dysfunction.
  • The goal is well being and improvement of health, as formulated by the OMS: “a state of complete physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease.”


  • Dr. Upledger was the first, already in the mid 1970s, to evolve and revolutionize the field of cranial osteopathy pioneered by Dr. W. G. Sutherland, creating a new standalone and original manual therapy technique, for which he coined the name: CranioSacral Therapy.
  • Dr. Upledger’s foresight: he was the first to consider the importance that the emotional aspect can have in the physical dysfunction of the human body.
  • The Upledger Institute has involved more than 125,000 students worldwide and has trained them through a network of “satellites” that currently includes more than 190 Upledger training centers worldwide, one for each country.
  • Who I can help?

People who feel that their muscle tension is due to anxiety, stress, incorrect posture, or insomnia.
Massages greatly help in resolving these imbalances.

  • Who I cannot help

People with hernias, fractures, post-surgery, in these cases I recommend consulting their doctor or physiatrist.

How can I book a treatment or receive further information?

It’s simple. Just schedule an appointment by sending a WhatsApp message.