Effective and personalized treatments on the person’s needs thanks to the combination of osteopathic craniosacral techniques, somato emotional release and massage techniques.

Each treatment promotes deep relaxation, gives relief to physical pain, improves chronic, nervous and stressful issues, promotes greater vitality and well-being.

What does it mean to receive a treatment?

When a person presents himself in my studio, he or she may have some active symptoms in the body or
may look for a moment of wellbeing as a habit of a healthy lifestyle. In both cases, a full evaluation
is performed and the technique that can give you more benefits is chosen and, if necessary, different
techniques offered by other professionals may be suggested.

The goal of the treatment is to restore and maintain the psycho-physical and emotional well-being :

Improves flexibility
Improves strength
Improves the balance
Improves breathing
Strengthens the immune system
Reduces stress

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